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3 signs you should update your runners

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Are your runners looking a little tired? Are you beginning to feel the ground through the soles? It might be time to trade in your footwear for a new pair that will support your activity and individual foot type. We chatted to Ally from Active Feet in Ocean Grove for advice on the top signs you should update your runners.

Active Feet in Ocean Grove is a podiatry-based shoe store passionate about helping you find the right footwear for your individual feet and activity. With our focus on runners and common injuries this month, we couldn’t neglect to talk about footwear so we turned to the experts!

How long does a pair of runners usually last?

Active Feet manager Ally says one of the most common questions their team gets asked is ‘How long do runners typically last?’. There’s no easy answer for this as it will depend on a variety of factors, explains Ally. These include:

  • The frequency you’re wearing the runners
  • How many kilometres you’re walking or running in the shoes per week
  • The type of footwear


Ally says “if you aren’t keeping track of your daily walking and running mileage, we would recommend approximately 6-9 months before the cushioning and stability start to wear down and you should consider looking at updating your shoes.”

3 signs you should update your runners

The team at Active Feet in Ocean Grove see all sorts of runners in a variety of conditions from relatively new but poorly fitting shoes to those that are glued together and well past their expiration date. Wearing runners within their life span isn’t all about aesthetics. The correct footwear that provides even support and comfort also helps to maximise your performance and reduces the risk of the injuries we commonly see at the clinic.

Here, Ally shares the three top signs that will tell you it’s time to trade in your old runners for a brand new pair.

  1. The soles of your shoes – the soles will give you a good indication if it’s time for an upgrade. “Look for any considerable wear pattern or thinner spots”, says Ally. Ideally, you want even wear patterns across the entire sole. If they’re uneven, it’s time to visit Active Feet Ocean Grove.
  2. How many miles they’ve done – if you’ve done excess mileage in your runners, it may be time to replace them with a fresh pair. Ally suggests using the app Strava to help you keep account of how many kilometres you make wearing a particular pair of shoes.
  3. The flexibility of your runners – if you can easily twist your shoe or bend the heel towards the toe it’s a good sign your runners aren’t able to do their job effectively. “If these two things are very easy to do, it means the structure of the shoe is no longer providing any stability, which results in all the little muscles in your foot working in overdrive to keep you stable.”

Why the frequency you’re wearing your runners is relevant

When you find the perfect runner it’s easy to want to live in them. The frequency you wear your runners is going to play a big role in the longevity of your footwear, explains Ally. “Running shoes are really designed to be worn for exercise. The lightweight cushioning is there to provide shock absorption and to support your foot whilst walking/running/jumping/skipping etc.”

As podiatrists, the team at Active Feet recommend reserving your runners for activity and then wearing casual or work shoes the rest of the day. “This will allow time for the foam in your runners to return to its original soft, cushioned self, ready for your exercise the next day”, says Ally.

If you need to wear runners for work or everyday activities, Ally suggests having two separate pairs to allow the shoes to get the rest they need and to ensure they last. Tip, if you want two of the same or very similar styles, choose different colours to help differentiate. “We strongly suggest that you try not to exercise in the same runners you have been wearing all day”.


Is it time to trade your runner’s in?

If it’s time to trade your runners in for a supportive pair that will offer stability, comfort and maximise your performance, visit our friends at Active Feet in Ocean Grove. Using the latest technology, the team undertake a podiatry based assessment and discuss your health goals so that they can find the ideal runner for you.

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