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A guide to wearing a face mask

A guide to wearing face masks

Face masks or coverings are now mandatory in regional Victoria. The Whole Body Health and Wellness team have been familiar with wearing face masks in and around the clinic setting for a few weeks now and thought we’d share some tips and advice on wearing the newest outfit accessory.

A guide to wearing a face mask

Initially, wearing a face masks can take some getting use to. No doubt, you’ll step outside your front door only to realise you need to run back in to grab your mask. You’ll also find your ears may feel a little sore and your breathing may change. You’ll discover some masks are more comfortable than others and tricks of tying them up and positioning them to better fit your face.

Below is a visual to help ensure you are putting on, wearing and disposing your mask correctly in order to maintain the highest possible safety. The key points are:

  • Clean your hands before you put on your mask.
  • Ensure there are no gaps.
  • Replace your mask when damp, dirty or after 3-4 hours if using single-use.
  • Wash reusable cloth masks after each wear.
  • Dispose of single-use mask directly in the bin (do not recycle them).

An update on face mask and PPE at Whole Body Health & Wellness

As an allied health service, our clinics remain open and to ensure your safety as well as our practitioners, we have implemented some changes as per the Government guidelines. You can find a run down on our hygiene practices here.

Following the most recent stage 3 restrictions and advice for health care practices, we have revised our personal protective equipment policy.

If you are visiting our clinic will be required to continue wearing their face mask to your appointment. If you forget yours or need a new one, you can purchase a disposable mask from reception. If you are unable to wear a face covering, please let our team know prior to your appointment.

You’ll notice your practitioner will also be wearing safety glasses in addition to their surgical face mask. This is an extra precautionary measure advised by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We’re not sure this will be a trending fashion statement any time soon!

Tips to keep your glasses from fogging up

Whether you are wearing prescription specks, sunglasses or safety glasses like our practitioners, you may find they are fogging up while you are wearing a mask. Here are a few tried and tested tips to avoid this:

  • Apply paper tape to the top of your mask and checks. This not only prevents your glasses from fogging up but also your mask from slipping down.
  • Put damp tissue underneath the top edge of your mask.
  • Wash your glasses with soap and water before drying them with a microfibre cloth
  • Apply a de-misting spray to your lenses.

Offering compassion for those who can’t wear a mask

While face masks and coverings are mandatory across Victoria, we acknowledge there are some circumstances a person can’t wear a face mask. In most cases, this goes beyond being a COVID sceptic or an anti-face masker.

As we’re all adjusting to this ‘new normal’, we hope we can avoid judging and offer compassion for those who are unable to wear a face mask. This article published on The Conversation helps to provide a sense of understanding about the complexity surrounding this issue.