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Energy healing

Energy Healing is a holistic therapy that promotes the harmonious flow of energy fields within and around the body. Various modalities exist, including reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, qigong, pellowah, esoteric acupuncture, yoga, unity field healing, chakra balancing, sound healing, and more.

Our practitioners employ various forms of energy healing, all with the common goal of promoting the client’s well-being and overall health.

Whole Body Health & Wellness Energy Healing
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A recentered healing session is a transformative experience that empowers you to align with your true life purposes. Through these sessions, you can cultivate inner peace and contentment as you learn to trust your intuition and embrace guidance from your higher-self. 

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Unity Field Healing is a distinctive therapy that harnesses the power of energy, specifically within your DNA quantum field. This remarkable field of energy serves as the bridge connecting your physical body with your expansive spiritual self, encompassing all aspects of your energy field.

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Energy Healer

Energy Healer

Recentered healinG

Achieving overall well-being requires finding balance in mind, body, and soul. When we harmonize these aspects, our lives become richer with peace, joy, and contentment. However, attaining such equilibrium is often a challenge.


Recentering healing sessions offer a hands-off approach to help you connect with your true purpose in life. By trusting your intuition and following the guidance of your higher-self, these sessions can bring a profound sense of tranquility and contentment. Embracing the lessons learned from each session, you’ll discover it easier to strike balance and generate positive energy that emanates from within.

With regular recentering healing sessions, expect to cultivate greater awareness and a deeper connection to your purpose. This will undoubtedly lead to enhanced self-confidence and newfound joy across all aspects of your life.


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Unity Field Healing is a unique energy-based healing therapy that works through your DNA quantum field of energy. This field of energy connects your body and your whole-field of energy bodies to your higher spiritual self.

Ever feel something is out of balance or not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it? Perhaps you feel stuck or like something is in your way in enhancing your health, wellbeing and overall life.

“Energy Attunement” sessions help to re-calibrate your energy system. This helps to clear energy patterns that may be leading to an imbalance or disease state within your energy fields. These energy healing sessions can go much deeper to find the root cause of the disruption helping restore a sense of balance, purpose and stability.

the three unity field healing sessions

The three Unity Field Healing sessions are designed to enhance the quantum energy of your DNA to stimulate your personal healing and transformation. You can book one or all three sessions which must be completed in order.

Session 1: ‘Self Attunement’

This session helps to connect with your multi-dimensional self, strengthening a restorative connection with your personal spiritual DNA Blueprint.. It helps to see yourself more clearly and to identify obstacles or patterns that are in your way of higher self expression. The session will attune and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis to open up your body’s healing capacity.

Session 2: ‘Template Attunement’

During this session, your own energy is guiding and choosing what it needs to heal. It provides a personal attunement to the Unity Field Template to stimulate, support and accelerate your spiritual transformation and personal healing. This re-calibration can provide a deeper healing through internal changes in your energy bodies from the mental, emotional or etheric bodies to the physical body.

Session 3: ‘Targeted Intentional Support’

Session three is an energy session that is aligned with your specific personal intention. Unity Field Healing is used to address specific issues that exist or arise in your life that need “healing” attention. These may be physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues in terms of healing.


Energy Healing consults are offered at Whole Body Health And Wellness Ocean Grove clinic or online in distance sessions.

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