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Exercises for Runner’s Knee

Exercise for knee pain

Are you an experienced runner or perhaps an aspiring runner enthusiast but held back by niggling knee pain? You may be suffering from the common complaint known as Runner’s Knee. These exercises may be just what you need to get back on the track.

Runner’s Knee is a broad term used to describe knee pain and as the name suggests, it’s a common complaint of people who run. More often than not, it can be caused by the way your knee cap tracks over your knee joint or by placing extra stress on your tendons and muscles that attach to your knee.

There are two types of Runner’s Knee depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing:

You can read more about Runner’s Knee here.

Exercises to help reduce knee pain

The exercises shown here can help in reducing knee pain by helping with balance, improving strength and releasing tightening muscles. If you have knee pain, give these a go before you go for your next run. If the pain persists, it’s recommended you book an appointment with our osteopath Marissa, so she can assess exactly what’s going on, offer hands-on treatment to relieve the pain and advise exercises that will help with your individual condition.

1. Single-Leg stance star

2. Wall Squat

3. Single leg squat

4. Glute roll out

Need help implementing these knee pain exercises? Book an appointment today with Marissa at our Geelong or Ocean Grove clinic.