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How to get into running

how to get into running

Like the idea of running but don’t know how to get started? Running can be a great form of exercise, especially in lockdown times. But if you don’t know where to start, it can be pretty daunting. Erica from the Ocean Grove Run Club shares some words of wisdom to encourage you to fall in love with running.

How to get into running and love it

Erica Fountain loves running. So much so, she started the Ocean Grove Run Club to share her knowledge and passion for running with the local community.

The Ocean Grove Run Club brings together running enthusiasts of all abilities from newbies to elite athletes. In group running sessions and personalised coaching, Erica helps to develop people’s interest and running techniques so the exercise no longer becomes daunting.

At times like these with gyms and studios closed, running might be the best way you can keep fit and destress. If you’re not sure how to get started, Erica shares her top tips!

1. Start with a jog/walk routine

“Even the most elite runners do this when returning from injury or an extended break”, explains Erica. She suggests starting with 6 x 1-minute jogs for a 4 min walk in between. “Don’t go too hard!”

2. Recover from your runs

We don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm for running but overdoing it early will only result in too much soreness and lead to injury, explains Erica. “Take a day off between runs. A light walk, swim or gym session is a good inclusion for your off day.”

Take a look at these after-run exercises from our osteopath, Marissa Mitchell.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others 

“Don’t compare yourself to where you once were or to anybody else. This is your journey, and you’re starting fresh.”

4. Get a quality pair of running shoes

“These will save your feet and legs, and make you feel great!” You can purchase quality running shoes suitable for your feet at specialised shops such as Active Feet and The Running Company.

5. Focus on your breathing

Do you find yourself pumping up the music in the hope that it will help you run for longer or faster? Erica says distracting yourself with the tunes isn’t actually helpful. “I like to encourage runners to get their breathing patterns right and rhythmic. This is difficult to do when you can’t hear yourself breathe. Plus, running alone in the quiet is a great time to switch off your mind and have some space.”

6. Easy days are important 

Erica refers to easy days and recovery runs and says these are an important addition to any runner’s regime. “You need these days to absorb your training load. You should be able to hold a conversation and finish your run feeling like you could have done much more and much faster. It doesn’t matter how slow.”

7. Consistency is key

Have you ever run a few times, took a month off, and then expected to find running enjoyable the next time you get on the track? Erica says consistency is key as it does take a while to get into running and the groove. “Some days you will feel great, other days, not so much,” she says. “Stick at it and enjoy the process.”

8. Join a club

The Ocean Grove Run Club holds several weekly run sessions to help you get confident and find pleasure in running.

The current sessions are:

  • Monday Speed at 4:45 pm: Suitable for any sportsperson wanting to focus on improved speed and running efficiency. 
  • Wednesday Run Club at 6 am: Interval session
  • Thursday Run Club at 6 am: Interval session 

You can find out more about the Ocean Grove Run Club on Instagram or by joining their Facebook Group. Erica also welcomes you to contact her directly if you need further advice about getting into running or joining the run club.