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How Yoga Brings Joy, Peace and Wellbeing

Emily, one of our wonderful admin team, has been practising yoga for quite some time. In celebration of the International Day of Yoga, we asked Emily if she could share her experiences and how yoga has brought her wellness.


The power of yoga benefits all aspects of my life. I have been practising it for the last 12 years.

Under the stars a few mornings ago (hoping to glimpse the lights of Aurora Australis) I practised a few poses to warm up my body, laughing at  myself doing “salute to the stars” rather than the more traditional “sun salute.”

On a recent trip to India, I practised a few poses inhaling magical Himalayan Mountain air, and could feel my breath travelling all the way down my body. A wonderful feeling, breath reaching new places within, unlocking old holding patterns in my body.


What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga immediately calms my body and mind. It helps my body stay open and receptive during seasonal changes in the cooler months. I am habitually more inclined to retract and tense myself to brace against the cold but have noticed yoga relaxes my body beautifully during winter. Yoga also improves my posture. As I have deepened my practice, I notice myself standing taller, and naturally adjusting my stance to suit each situation I encounter throughout the day. I feel strong in my bones, connected and full of warm energy.


Yoga Brings Simplicity

I use the simplicity of just noticing my breath throughout my day. If I find it is quite shallow, I deepen my breath. Elongating both the inhale and exhale calms my system and immediately brings a deeper connection within. Noticing the pause moments between each breath reminds me to take those pause moments into my day.


Yoga brings Joy and a Sense of Wellbeing

Practising yoga ripples out powerfully in unexpected ways. Now I am much more inclined to take “pause” moments when moving between one task and the next. I appreciate how bringing presence and awareness to simple things, like putting my feet up to truly enjoy the ritual of sipping fragrant tea replenishes me. I am then well prepared for whatever is next and can flow with much greater ease between each situation life brings. Yoga teaches me to be very kind and gentle with myself. When I nurture myself with yoga, which promotes joy and space within, I have more space and joy to share with others. I am grateful to the profound impact Yoga has on my life.

Do you practice yoga? What benefits have you found it brings?