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Introducing Our New Mums Support Group

New mums support group

Earlier this month, Whole Body Health & Wellness launched a New Mums Group on Facebook that is aimed to provide support and education to those entering the world of motherhood.

Motherhood is a journey like no other

Women heal, learn, nurture and grow best when they have the support and presence of other women. It is unnatural for mothers to be at home isolated with a new baby. We, humans, are tribal beings and thrive when we are together.

For most of our existence, women mothered in tribes, birthing together and sharing the parenting of each other’s children and learning how to parent from each other. Now with the way current society is set up (pre-pandemic) women have very often never even watched a baby breastfed and wonder why it’s not feeling natural when we try to do it for the first time.

The process of giving birth then heading home to a house with no other women and not a lot of guidance on how to care for this tiny, crying, hungry baby is very difficult for many women. Post Natal Depression is common and the feeling of guilt for not naturally knowing what to do as a new mother is too.

Providing a space where new mothers can sit together

When you enter motherhood, your whole world as you know it has just turned on its head. Everything about your old life just dramatically changed and on top of that, you have a human that you are solely responsible for. While a natural part of human life, this stage isn’t easy to navigate, especially on your own.

Our reason for this group is to create a space where women can sit together (for now online) and hear each other’s experiences, joys and struggles. It’s a space for women to offer advice or just an ear; to laugh and even cry together. A place where we can explore topics of your choice where different practitioners will come on as guests to share their knowledge.

Join Us
new mums support group

The Whole Body Health & Wellness, New Mums Facebook group is a place of non-judgment and openness. Facilitated by our Briony of our client experience team, this is a group that will grow with you and provide you with the guidance you need to embrace and enjoy this time of your life.

During the isolation restrictions, The New Mums Facebook group will be meeting online once a week on Thursdays where we share the joys and challenges of motherhood. Experienced practitioners will be invited to provide you with advice on different topics designed to prepare and assist you every step of the way.

This community will be kept intimate with capped numbers to ensure we’re able to provide you with optimal support and in anticipation of in-person meetups when the current self-distancing restrictions are eased.

We hope you’ll come and join our growing community of women.