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Move Well, Feel Well – Postnatal exercise and Pilates

For all mums out there wanting some support post-birth and pregnancy, we’ve got a surprise coming for you!


Ocean Grove Pilates classes are starting soon which welcome both mums and bubs to enjoy regaining confidence and movement. With a focus on support, guidance and gradual strengthening in each of our tailored weekly Pilates sessions.


Dr Nicola Symons (Osteopath) and Pilates instructor talks about what she does to ease new mums back into feeling capable and ready to enjoy exercise again



Move Well, Feel Well With Pilates

As an Osteopath, I understand the anatomy and changes which occur during pregnancy. As an avid runner and pilates teacher, I understand the desire and need to return to moving well again in a safe matter.

I am an Osteopath who primarily sees mums, children, toddlers and babies. A huge part of treatment is aiming to have the family feeling well but also moving well. Mum needs to be able to lift, bend, twist, feed, reach, squat and everything else without pain, restriction or fear of things leaking out!

I’m a huge fan and believer in movement therapy. Exercise is great for our physical and mental health. Pilates offers a specific and tailored strengthening program to target certain areas. For example, a new mum who has just given birth naturally, we would focus on the pelvic floor, obliques, upper & lower back and core in order to regain optimal posture and aid the body’s natural healing processes. We also cater for c-section births and focus our attention on what your individual body needs to move well again.

It’s about restoring function and stability as the body changes in so many ways throughout pregnancy. It’s about you feeling like ‘you’ again. It’s about enjoying the many benefits of exercise in a safe, supported and fun environment. Babies are welcome, so no baby sitter is required! We offer space and time for you to attend to your baby as well as involving your bub in some of the exercises.


Join us!

Nicola will be running postnatal Pilates classes in Ocean Grove as well as Mat Pilates classes for those who are interested in strengthening their bodies while increasing their fitness levels.
Prior assessments will be carried out for the postnatal classes to assure our classes are tailored to your needs and address any needs you may have. BOOKING ARE ESSENTIAL Book in for your assessment by calling the clinic on 5200 1044 or book online HERE
These assessments will be carried out on Fridays between 10.30 and 11.30 at Hightide Yoga Studio, Ocean Grove. We will also be available for assessments on the morning of Saturday 15th of February. If these times don’t work for you, you can also see Nicola at one of our clinics. Class sizes are capped so book in advance to reserve your spot!
Assessments start January 24th and classes commence February 14th. Bookings are essential. Come and learn about Pilates, meet Nicola and learn about how your body can strengthen and move well. All ages welcome, fun and friendly environment provided. We welcome mums to bring their babies with them.