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Simple at-home exercises to keep you moving well

Our team at Whole Body Health and Wellness are here in person and online to support your health and wellness during this difficult time. Today, osteopath Catherine Spiteri is sharing some ways you can continue to move well and feel well while in lockdown.


Keeping you moving well during lockdown

moving well lockdown

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few tips during this time…Some simple movements to mix into your day. They help me to remind my body and mind of its capabilities beyond the home postures. So when lockdown ends, our body won’t be so surprised when we return to sport, become a weekend warrior again or simply venture out into some more physical activity.

I encourage you to think about the types of movement you like to do – as you know your body, you’ll be able to adjust these exercises to make them more suited to you. And if a movement doesn’t feel right, then sub it out.

My simple movements during lockdown:
1/ Stretch and open
2/ Load and strengthen
3/ Rest


Stretch and Open

Simple, gentle movements that feel good to open up joints, to limber up get the extremities moving.

1. Windmill arms to open up the shoulders. Try forwards and backwards one at a time, or both arms going in alternate directions at the same time.
2. Rib reaches when seated at the desk to open the rib cage. Reach over with the left arm overhead and towards the table on the right side and then alternate sides.
3. Knee-high walks to move the legs and hips. Add a little back twist with each step for a bit more movement through the torso.

Load and Strengthen

Strengthening exercises to load up joints & muscles simply using your body weight.

1. Squats as deep as you find comfy. Trial different amounts of time to hold the squat or tempos to the movement.
2. Froggers squatting down with your hands on the floor in front of you. Let your hands take your body weight as you move forward like a frog. Try moving backwards and to the sides.
3. Push-ups with variations for different expertise levels. Try against a wall, to inclined on a furniture edge. Try a traditional push-up on your toes or your knees, full or partial.


Ahhh, rest. Unwind. Relax.

We all have a different way to rest. On the couch, cozied up with a toasty wheat bag, laying down meditating with an eye pillow, listening to your favourite music or reading that book you’ve had your eye on.
Either way. Make time to rest. Let your mind and body settle. You are allowed to have space to rest.


I hope that helps in its own little way to keep you feeling well, physically and emotionally, during your home-life journey. During the lockdown, Whole Body Health & Wellness remain open for essential treatments. Please call us on 5200 1044 if needed or to book a consultation for now or after lockdown, click here. Stay safe.