“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates

Whole Body Health And Wellness Nutrition

A nutritionist provides qualified nutrition and lifestyle advice for people of all ages, backgrounds and needs. They work with the individual to understand their food preferences, health goals and challenges, with the ultimate aim of developing a personalised nutrition plan that is specific to your health needs.

Our nutritionist, Sarah Appleford, provides online consultations for children and adolescents.

what can a nutritionist help with?

Nutrition support can help manage and improve various chronic and acute health issues your child or adolescent may be experiencing including…

Fussy eating 
Recurrent ear infections
Recurrent illness such as colds
Growth concerns 
Digestive issues 
Skin complaints

Weight management 
Stress, anxiety and depression 
Disordered eating
Sleep issues 
Behavioural concerns
Nutrient deficiencies


Nutrition consultations are offered online Australia-wide. A complimentary wellness call allows you the opportunity to see if a nutrition consultation would be beneficial for you and your child. 

Our Practitioners

Sarah Appleford

Clinical Nutritionist

MOVE Well. Feel Well.

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