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Liana Ioannidis


With her positive mindset and contagious enthusiasm, Liana is an osteopath dedicated to helping guide her patients on their personal healing journey. Liana believes in holistic health care and uncovering the root cause of complaints. She enjoys consulting with patients who are committed to improving their health and trust that with the right guidance and dedication, they can achieve optimal wellbeing. With this approach, it’s no wonder her favourite quote is “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Treating toddlers and school-aged children ignites Liana’s passion for her work along with supporting those who are open-minded and willing to making the required changes to heal and live a fulfilled life. Living beach-side, you’ll find Liana taking coastal walks, baking mouth-watering treats or keeping busy with in a creative side project. We are thrilled Liana can offer her services to our Ocean Grove community.

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Marissa Mitchell


Marissa Mitchell is forging a career to help people improve their lives, achieve their goals and ultimately guide them into healthier lives. With university qualifications in Science, Osteopathy and Pilates, Marissa is a positive asset to our team. Surfing, pilates, yoga, running, skiing, reading, cooking and the great outdoors are just a taster of how this go-getter spends her time outside the clinic. Inspiring us all in the ways in which we can seek balance and passion for helping the world be a better place, Marissa is passionate about empowering others. The Melbournite now calls the Bellarine home, and we look forward to her contribution in 2020.

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Grant Tuner


Being able to support people in achieving the best version of themselves was one of the drivers that originally led Grant Turner to osteopathy. Grant’s appreciation of the way osteopathy considers the health of the human body has become the foundation of his practice.

Grant loves working with people who are willing to listen to their body and ready to implement the steps required in order to improve their overall health. His grounded character enables Grant to develop a supportive relationship with his patients, providing a positive experience during their health journey.

When Grant is not in the clinic, you’ll find him spending quality time with his close-knit family and friendship circles, on the basketball court or strumming a few tunes on his guitar. Grant’s easy-going personality and enthusiasm to assist people to enhance their well-being makes him the perfect addition to the WBHW team.

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Catherine Spiteri


Catherine is a dedicated and conscientious osteopath who has worked at various clinics across the state. Catherine has an incredible respect for all living things, a value that has woven its way into both her personal and work life. In her free time, she enjoys surrounding herself with life, be it outdoors hiking in beautiful green spaces or indoors creating a plant oasis for her and her family to enjoy.
Her support for her patient's health is profound and her appreciation for symbiotic relationships continue. She truly sees the value in a dynamic, sharing relationship between patient and practitioner and loves nothing more than a patient who is wanting and willing to get better. Her appreciation for life is no clearer than when treating babies, she feels honoured to play a role in their health.
Catherine embraces every opportunity in which she can raise others up to their fullest potential and also taking on new information that her patients impart on her, to ensure her growth as a practitioner is exceeded only by the progress of her patient’s health.

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Faye Kendall


If she isn't hiking mountains or travelling the world advocating for health prevention, Faye Kendall is someone who understands and values health over disease. The dedicated practitioner recognizes the symbiotic relationship between the natural laws of healing and the human body. A highly regarded Osteopath, leader and founder of several successful clinics, Faye is committed to her vision and is creating scope for multimodality centres with health-centric services. The outcome of such a vision? Assisting and guiding healthy humans who enjoy the great balanced choices they have made rather than patients who are suffering. Her love for her labradors, a good book, family and friends help this much loved practitioner achieve her goals in a way that sparks the mind and is sourced from the heart.

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Sarah Appleford


Clinical nutritionist, Sarah Appleford, believes achieving optimal health and wellbeing relies on living with intention. Nourishing the body with whole foods, consciously moving and practising self-care on a daily basis are the fundamentals to life according to Sarah. She seeks to help people discover vitality and joy in life. In her downtime, she can be found in the kitchen or burying her head in health-related research. If she isn't hanging out with the fam, Sarah is thinking up new and innovative ways to inspire. With personalised health strategies and bringing back the art of cooking to kids, this is a woman on a mission! Gut disorders, children's health, nutritional education and post/prenatal nutrition are the focus of Sarah's expertise, and we welcome her to WBHW.

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Jayne Turner

Clinical Psychology

Dr Jayne Turner; Clinical Psychologist understands as individuals we are all unique, and our psychological experiences have influenced who we are today. The AHPRA approved, and APS member is devoted to working collaboratively with clients to learn, understand and grow through self-exploration and gleaning insights. Assistance with personal empowerment and living healthier, happier lives with a tailored treatment for mental health is the drive behind Jayne's thriving practise. Her focus on anxiety, panic disorders, transitional life stages, avoidance behaviours, OCD and depression, provides our guests with a breadth of services on offer.

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Sarah Hall


Psychology is an incredible science and is a dynamic space. Sarah Hall has flourished. But the function of psychology in our daily lives and Sarah's ideology to normalise the process and make it readily accessible is what really makes this beloved confidante tick. Self-reflection in a collaborative setting can help empower people and lead them to experience breakthroughs, with thoughts and emotions no longer ruling our behaviours.

``We all have our unique blend of normal, and we can get in touch with our values and make meaningful changes in our lives`` is Sarah's motto. Educated at the University of Melbourne with her Psychology degree with an additional Honours Degree at Deakin and an extensive portfolio of further qualifications has been the solid foundation for her psychology practice, which is solidly forged in 17 + years of experience. WBHW welcomes Sarah to our practice!


Shannon Barker


Working in the area of trauma, Psychologist Shannon Barker has seen many people who have faced extremely difficult situations with incredible courage and resilience. It’s this ability to overcome and thrive that’s driven Shannon’s passion for mental health. Shannon confesses that these people who she’s had the privilege of working with throughout her extensive career are an inspiration and have given her hope for our future.

When Shannon’s not supporting her clients in a psychology setting, you’ll see her out on the jogging track or emersed in her kitchen, baking delicious treats for her family – both hobbies complimenting each other well!

With a Bachelor of Behavioural Science with Honours from La Trobe University as well as extensive training including EMDR, Schema and CB Therapy, Shannon is well-equipped to treat a variety of clients who are motivated to improve their wellbeing. Shannon is a welcomed addition to the WBHW psychology team.

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