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Kim Lonergan 1

Kim Lonergan


What does one do with a menu of qualifications that reads Dietician, Nutritionist, Teacher and Lecturer, Media Production, a love of good cheese and a Paul Kelly song? She turns it into an inspiring recipe for caring for the health of others. Welcome to the world of Kim Lonergan. Passionate about helping people rediscover their love for food, Kim believes that uncomplicating information about food, replacing it with rich evidence-based education and specifics is the key to health. Mapping the path to optimized health restoration and balance is the critical driver for the Nutritionist, along with an individual-centric approach to health. The mother of 2 believes giving back to her community along with enjoying homegrown goodies is the way to growing smiles and healthy lives.

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Madeline Sheppard


Madeline is passionate about helping her clients reach their full health potential. Her goal is to ensure that your health is constantly improving and evolving. She treats a range of conditions, but with a background in psychology she is especially interested in mental health and the role it plays in other conditions such as low energy and hormonal imbalances. Madeline believes that the best treatment for the individual comes from working collaboratively with you and any other of your healthcare practitioners to ensure you are getting the best level of care! This wonderful naturopath is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet so it's no wonder she is loving life by the beach with her husband and young son.

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Jewel Finnigan


The positive impact of Osteopathy and the proactive pathway to health are elements Jewel Finnigan takes very seriously. The ocean loving Osteopath is a dynamic practitioner, one who understands the future of health care can allow Osteopathy to be the first point of call for musculoskeletal injuries. Jewel subscribes to the ideology that patient focused health care provides the best form of care and enables the greatest opportunity for patients to get better. Pregnancy is an area that truly sparks joy for Jewel in her practice, along with supporting those she cares for well after the session has finished. With a JK Rowling book as her go-to and a zest for travel, Jewel Finnigan loves getting back to nature and believes family is the heart of the community.

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Tanja McKenzie


Tanja Mackenzie is passionate about the science of holistic health and the positive effect it can have on people's lives. Behind the scenes, you will find Tanja enjoying author Eckhart Tolle's insights or hanging out with her family. The nature-loving local's ideal future includes a market garden filled with an abundance of fruit and veggies while she helps advocate for a collective approach to Osteopathy and holistic health in Australia. Helping people and seeing them discover a vested interest in their health and wellbeing is the stuff that makes Tanja tick and with over 18+ years of dedicated experience in the field of Osteopathy, we are thrilled to have her services available for our community.

Faye Kendall 1

Faye Kendall


If she isn't hiking mountains or travelling the world advocating for health prevention, Faye Kendall is someone who understands and values health over disease. The dedicated practitioner recognizes the symbiotic relationship between the natural laws of healing and the human body. A highly regarded Osteopath, leader and founder of several successful clinics, Faye is committed to her vision and is creating scope for multimodality centres with health-centric services. The outcome of such a vision? Assisting and guiding healthy humans who enjoy the great balanced choices they have made rather than patients who are suffering. Her love for her labradors, a good book, family and friends help this much loved practitioner achieve her goals in a way that sparks the mind and is sourced from the heart.

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Sarah-Jayne Duryea


Sarah is an exciting new addition to WBHW, passionate about working with women. Sarah’s focus on women’s health, particularly antenatal and postnatal depression is inspiring. Not just because she is a highly referred professional, but also due to her dedication to research and evidence-based therapies. However, her very impressive background in forensic psychology in the UK makes her super interesting, our very own ‘profiler!’

Sarah’s ideology is based on the foundation of helping clients to use their strengths to make positive change. Her approach to therapy is assisting clients in leading their best life and creating an optimal human experience.

With an extensive qualification list and a portfolio that breeds confidence and clarity, Sarah has worked with some of the country’s most challenging areas which is where Sarah found her motivation and passion for helping survivors of trauma flourish and rebuild their lives.

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Sarah Hall


Psychology is an incredible science and is a dynamic space. Sarah Hall has flourished. But the function of psychology in our daily lives and Sarah's ideology to normalise the process and make it readily accessible is what really makes this beloved confidante tick. Self-reflection in a collaborative setting can help empower people and lead them to experience breakthroughs, with thoughts and emotions no longer ruling our behaviours.

``We all have our unique blend of normal, and we can get in touch with our values and make meaningful changes in our lives`` is Sarah's motto. Educated at the University of Melbourne with her Psychology degree with an additional Honours Degree at Deakin and an extensive portfolio of further qualifications has been the solid foundation for her psychology practice, which is solidly forged in 17 + years of experience. WBHW welcomes Sarah to our practice!

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Kate Heagney

TCM & Acupuncture

Before becoming an acupuncturist, Kate was a freelance violinist in Melbourne. Aside from a passion for music, Kate loves Qi Gong and yoga. Kate is a firm believer that we are all unique and therefore need a personalised approach to health care. When this care is given through the subtle art of Japanese Acupuncture, it can facilitate enormous change and healing. Kate has an interest in helping women in their conception journey, and specializes in natural fertility, IVF and pre-pregnancy treatments. When not practicing acupuncture, Kate spends her time as a lecturer at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, delving into outdoor adventures with her family or taking time out with a cup of tea and a good book.

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