Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Scar Tissue Release Therapy

scar tissue therapy

MSTR® McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release is a pain-free, natural method of helping you with your scars.

Scar Tissue Release Therapy (also referred to as MSTR®) uses gentle finger-tip pressure applied to the area to help free the restrictions in the scar. No force is involved, and the work is always applied within your tolerance range.


MSTR® can be used for a variety of scars both old and new. Most commonly the scar tissue release therapy is used for:

  •         Cesarean section and Hysterectomy
  •         Spinal and joint replacement surgery
  •         Trauma scars such as those typically found on the knee
  •         Head wound scars
  •         Mastectomy
  •         Amputations
  •         Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery


Sarah is passionate about helping to treat scars and encourage optimal healing as well as reducing the physical and emotional discomfort associated with scaring.

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Sarah Healy

MSTR Therapist
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