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Simple Self Care: How To Nurture & Support Yourself

Emily at WBHW, recognises the importance of self -care. She knows that taking time to nurture and restore promotes deep healing within and is here to give you tips and tricks to incorporate self-care rituals in your life: 

“For me, including many self-care moments during the day is vital to my health and sense of wellbeing.” 


Emily is not alone in seeing the importance of self-care. In fact, according to a Victoria University Study on Self Care, this area is recognised as one of the significant gaps in Australia’s health care. 

Need some inspiration for how you can find your moment of zen?  Here are some easy ideas to include in your Self Care Routine



Set a calm, peaceful atmosphere.  Scent has a powerful effect on our sense of wellbeing. Pop some essential oil in a diffuser to create a soothing environment. Or place a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand, then inhale deeply. Soft lighting, such as a lamp or candlelight promotes a relaxing space. 

Play some gentle music, or a guided meditation to signal to yourself you are ready to quieten and unwind.



Water is beneficial in so many ways. If short on time, why not make yourself, or your children a foot bath? Add Epsom or Magnesium Salts which are easily absorbed through the feet.

Or run yourself a relaxing bath. Add salts, oil or a bundle of your favourite herbs to really enhance your experience.

A saltwater swim, though still bracing at this time of year, cleanses and refreshes your energy. You’ll feel amazing afterwards and totally revitalised.




Take a nature walk. Observe things you haven’t noticed before. Spring bulbs and blossoms ready to bloom or birds tending to their nests. Deeply inhale as you walk. Feel the benefits of oxygen reaching new places within your body. Swing your arms as you move. If possible, remove your shoes and feel the earth under your feet. This will replenish and restore your energy.



There are many groundswell movements such as “Empty Day” (Under The Skin podcast with @djbradfield @hearluminary) inviting us to unplug from our devices. Try a technology-free afternoon. Or put your phone on silent after 7pm. We forgot how easily we are pulled into public space from within our homes. Create boundaries around when you choose to be available to others. Notice how you feel in response to creating more space.



Make yourself a delicious meal. Take time as you prepare it. Fully savour the tactile and sensory qualities of your food. Smell each ingredient before you prepare it. Chop things in a new way. Serve your meal in a special dish. Eat your meal slowly and mindfully.


How do you support yourself regularly? Challenge yourself to add self-care moments to each day.