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Start your year on healthy note: Free Guide

Every year the top new years resolutions are to do with improving health and wellbeing. But usually the goals are far to vague and soon forgotten. Our nutritionist Sarah Appleford is hoping to help you get back to basics, give your liver a little nourishment and support your gut health so you can start the new year feeling revitalised.

Have you finished the year feeling depleted? Do tend to overindulge during the summer holidays? Are you wanting to start 2021 on a positive note? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Often after the festive seasons, we feel exhausted from entertaining and sluggish from eating too much or foods that we don’t normally consume. But we all want to kick start a new year feeling energised and motivated to enhance our physical and mental health.

A free Healthy You: Summer Reset Guide 


That’s why I’ve created this free e-book. Inside, you’ll find plenty of advice, actionable tips and inspiration to help you reset your health over the summer holidays and beyond. If you’re feeling exhausted from what has been an emotional year or you’re someone who finds it difficult to stick to your health goals over the festive season than this e-book is for you!

I’ve put this guide together to help you enhance several aspects of your health from your diet and stress to your liver and gut function. Implementing this advice into your daily lifestyle will see you starting the new year feeling energised and in control of your own health.

So if you’re ready to make a commitment to your health and wellbeing this summer, dive into the pages and get started!

Download the e-book here!

Need more help getting your health on track? Book a complimentary wellness call with Sarah Appleford or a nutrition consultation to ensure getting individually tailored advice that will help you get on step closer to your 2021 health goals. You can book an online or in-person consult here.