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New Outdoor Movement Class for Older Adults

Outdoor Movement Class for Older Adults

Rediscover the joy of moving with confidence by joining our new Outdoor Movement Class with Exercise Physiologist, Sarah Healy.

At Whole Body Health & Wellness, we’re passionate about keeping you moving pain-free and with confidence for as long as possible. We believe age shouldn’t be a hurdle, yet we’re aware strength and balance can all decline as we get older, especially if we’re not consciously focusing on this aspect of our health.

With a focus on building confidence in moving outdoors, our Exercise Physiologist, Sarah Healy, has launched an Older Adults (60+) Outdoor Movement Class which starts Monday 12th October.

The classes will consist of age-appropriate movements that target strength, balance and coordination. If it can be balanced on or climbed over you may want to give it a go to test yourself and improve your trust in your body’s ability. But rest assured, everything will be suitable for your age and fitness levels with modifications to ensure we’re meeting you at your current ability and challenging you as your fitness improves.

Details of the Outdoor Movement Class

Due to current social distancing regulations, bookings for the Outdoor Movement Call are essential. You can book online here or calling the clinic on 5200 1044.

Date: Monday’s starting 12th October

Time: 10 am

Location: The undercover BBQ area, cnr Casey Bvld and Monier Way, Fyansford (enter from main entrance of new estate).

Cost: $18.00

Bookings: Online or call 5200 1044

For more information, please contact Whole Body Health and Wellness or Sarah on 0421 413 277.

The benefits of movement and exercise for older adults

Outdoor Movement Class

Regular exercise is vital for our mental and physical health at any age, however, as the years climb up it becomes even more important. There are countless studies to highlight the benefits from helping you maintain your independence and preventing the likelihood of chronic diseases and co-morbidities.

Here, we list 5 benefits of exercise for older adults and why you should join Sarah’s Outdoor Movement Class.

1. Chronic Disease Prevention

One in 2 Australians have one or more of the top 10 chronic health conditions. That’s a pretty sobering statistic, but thankfully there is plenty of research that shows maintaining regular physical activity can help with disease prevention including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

2. Improved Immune Function

The current climate has shown first had how important is it for overall immune function, particularly for our ageing population. Beyond keeping us strong, physical activity can help to build a robust immune system and reducing our chance of catching a cold or flu by flushing our bacteria in our lungs and airways.

Regular movement also changes our antibodies and white blood cells, which are our body’s army that fight foreign invaders and disease. Even light exercise, such as yoga, walking or balance practice, can be an invaluable tool in health management.

3. Reduced Risk of Falls

As our strength and balance naturally declines with ageing, we are at a higher risk of enduring a fall. Falls can prove to be disastrous for seniors affecting our mobility, independence and overall confidence. Recovery times also increase as we get older jeopardising are overall health and mental wellbeing.

Exercise improves your strength and flexibility. Together this helps to improve your balance and coordination which reduces your risk of falls, both minor and serious.

4. Enhanced Mental Health

Regular physical activity has an immense impact on your mental health. Prompting the production of endorphins, our feel good hormone, exercise helps to relieve stress, improves your mood and increases your satisfaction.

Exercise along helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, improving our sleep cycle including quality and quantity of our night’s kip. This in itself can increase your overall happiness, improve your cognitive function and enhance your self worth.

5. Improved Cognition 

It’s not uncommon to experience memory loss or a decline in cognition as we age. Our fine-tuned motor skills may not feel as sharp and our mind not as switched on. Physical activity can improve your cognition and reduce the risk of age-decline conditions such as dementia.

6. Social Connection

Social connection, especially at a time like now, is so valuable particularly for seniors. Feelings of isolation, depression or a lack of purpose can play a big role in our mental wellbeing and influence our physical health. Exercising in a group of like-minded people can help us maintain social ties as well as increase the enjoyment of physical activity. On top of that, exercising amongst your peers can encourage and support you to try new things, push a little more and get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we could all do with a little nudge.

Get the most out of your movement by booking a class with our Exercise Physiologist Sarah Healy today.