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5 mins with osteopath Grant Turner


Grant Turner is the newest osteopath to join the Whole Body Health & Wellness team. We thought we’d share a few things about Grant you may not discover when seeing him in the clinic.

Osteopath Grant Turner has brought a relaxed, calm vibe to the Geelong West and Ocean Grove Whole Body Health & Wellness clinics. While he may have joined the team in the thick of COVID, that hasn’t dampened Grant’s enthusiasm to support our patients and get to know the broader community.

If you’re yet to have a treatment with Grant, he has extended his offer of $25 off your first consult. This applies to both new and existing WBHW clients visiting our Geelong West clinic! 

To help you get to know Grant, we fired off a list of questions so you can see what he’s like in and outside the clinic.

1. Grant, what is one thing people wouldn’t know about you?

“One thing people wouldn’t know about me is I love making coffee, and I have some cool latte art skills!”

2. Favourite way to relax and unwind?

“This would be a tie between either playing the guitar or spending time at the beach with the people closest to me.”

3. What’s one piece of advice all your patients should hear?

“Our bodies have their own natural ability and desire to heal themselves and perform at their best level, but everyday factors of everyone’s life can get in the way of this. While it may feel like at times your body may not be able to do this, finding ways to encourage it back to this natural healing process is so helpful with recovery and future prevention of issues.”

4. What’s your ideal patient?

“I love working with all different people, but my most ideal situation is when a person is invested in getting the most out of their body so that we can work together to come up with a great plan of how to help them achieve their goals.”

So in other words, if you’re ready to make a positive change to optimise your health, Grant is your man!

5. Why did you choose to become an osteopath?

“I always had an interest in the human body and helping it to perform at its optimal level. The holistic approach of Osteopathy really took my interest as it allows for so many different areas of the body to be considered and treated in the management of conditions.

Different injuries that I experienced throughout my time playing basketball and football growing up also definitely played a part in my interest in how to help the body best recover, and how to implement ways to prevent these from happening in the first place for other people.”

6. Drink of choice?

“My drink of choice is a fruit smoothie in the morning. I typically go with strawberry, banana, blueberry and yoghurt but I always love throwing lots of different stuff in.”

(sounds like a sweet tooth to us!)

7. Best place for a bite/coffee to eat in Geelong West?

“Our neighbours Three Little Figs, really great food and coffee and extremely nice people too!”


8. What are you reading right now?

“I am reading Grit: “The Power of Passion and Perseverance” By Angela Duckworth”

(if you haven’t heard of Grit, watch Angela’s TED talk for an insight!)

9. Best health/wellness/self-care tip?

“Prioritising health/wellbeing doesn’t have to be a chore, there are so many ways that you can combine these things with other areas of your life that you enjoy or are most important to you. Once you can find these ways, the habits become so easy and self-care becomes something that is enjoyable each day.”


Does Grant sound like the practitioner for you? Take advantage of his $25 off offer and book an appointment at our Geelong West clinic by clicking here.