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Practitioner Spotlight: Tanja

Tanja is an advocate for women’s health in all of its forms and is passionate about making a difference in peoples lives. She takes a general approach to her osteopathic treatments with a special interest in women’s health (including pregnancy and postpartum care), babies and children and chronic conditions.

Tanja is passionate about helping women in all areas of their health!


Tanja loves being an Osteopath and the positivity she can have on a person’s health. Osteopathy also closely aligns with her belief systems and is excited about the science of holistic health and the positive effect it can have on people’s lives.

Tanja is a very experienced Osteopath with over 18 years dedicated to treating patients. Her gentle approach is more subtle and improves the health of her patients by helping optimise the body’s ability to self-heal. Helping people and seeing them discover a vested interest in their health and wellbeing is something Tanja is passionate about.


Tanja loves spending time in her garden.


Tanja and her family moved to Geelong with her family almost 4 years ago to raise their children in a smaller town, close to beautiful natural spaces like the beach. Behind the scenes, you will find Tanja enjoying author Eckhart Tolle’s insights or hanging out with her family.  She has 2 daughters, aged 7 and 10, a 14-year-old Burmese cat who thinks she is half-human and 4 chickens. Tanja also enjoys being active. Bike rides, a hit of tennis and a walk along the Geelong Waterfront are amongst her favourites.

The nature-loving local’s ideal future includes a market garden filled with an abundance of fruit and veggies while she helps advocate for a collective approach to Osteopathy and holistic health in Australia. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment with Tanja give us a call on 03 5200 1044 or book online HERE