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Welcome Naturopath Christina Bodilly

Naturopathy Whole Body Health and Wellness

Whole Body Health & Wellness welcomes naturopath Christina Bodilly to the team in Ocean Grove.

Naturopath Christina Bodilly joins our team practising at the Whole Body Health & Wellness Ocean Grove clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and one Saturday a month. Christina is passionate about all things natural health and thrives on seeing her clients live their best lives rather than just surviving.

As a naturopath, Christina embraces the therapeutic benefits of herbal extracts. She also utilises food as medicine, nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications that are suitable for the individual and their health needs.

Christina’s special interests

If you need support with addressing the root cause of your health complaints and are motivated to improve your wellbeing, Christina would love to see you. “I love to work with my patients to educate and set small achievable goals that can make sustainable and lasting effects”, she says.

Christina is passionate about disease prevention and supporting her patients to flourish in life rather than learning to live with their health complaints and adopting a “new normal.”

Anyone looking to optimise their health will benefit from a naturopathy consultation. From reducing bloating and feeling vibrant during menopause to stress management and optimising your diet and lifestyle habits, the naturopathic approach can be beneficial.

Christina’s special interests include mental health, reproductive health and chronic pain conditions.

How does Christina work?

Naturopathy takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. Christina’s practice is no different in that she recognises that the body’s systems are interlinked and need to be nurtured as a whole. For example, you can’t heal the mind without a healthy gut. You can’t address reproductive dysfunction without ensuring the endocrine system is functioning optimally.

Christina offers a complimentary 15-minute wellness call which enables you to find out Christina’s approach to your particular health complaints and whether she is the right fit for you.

  • Initial naturopathy consultations run for 1.15 hours allowing time for a discussion about your current concerns as well as your health history and a system overview. Christina will work on a treatment plan and help you establish goals that will assist you in optimising your health.
  • Return naturopathy consultations are scheduled in accordance with your health needs. Allow 40 minutes for these appointments.
  • Christina also offers short consults of 20 minutes for acute conditions such as a cold. These are available for current clients only.

Christina is available in Ocean Grove on Wednesdays, Thursdays and one Saturday a month. You can book consults with Christina here.

A little about Christina

Christina is a self-confessed hobby addict engaging in “a hundred hobbies” when she’s not in the clinic. “I love to paint and craft. I find these rejuvenating to my soul.”

She is also a big foodie and can often be found in the kitchen cooking up gourmet meals. “Food is my love language, so I often show my appreciation and affection through cooking for those I care for”, says Christina. If you’re a patient of Christina’s you’ll no doubt be receiving one or two of Christina’s nourishing recipes!

To help rest and manage any feeling of overwhelm, Christina will be outside and immersing herself in nature. “I often find going to the beach, a walk in the forest or gardening are my best grounding tools.”

Book now and enjoy a saving

Interested in seeing Christina and seeing how naturopathy can help you enhance your health? Now is a great time with our welcome offer.

  • Christina is offering $20 off your first consultation.
  • Or book more than one consult, and you can enjoy 20% off your total fee.

This offer is available until 30th April 2022.

You can book an appointment with Christina here.